Taking photos and adding silly captions is what got me into travel blogging. I like taking pictures. Sometimes they turn out astonishingly well, other times not so much. I only take the odd trip nowadays, but there is still much to love around the neighbourhood.

On the first tab you can watch a slideshow of photos of which I am most proud. The second tab has Instagram photos from my travel blog account. The third tab contains shots of of my little rescue terrier, Gobi. He’s super handsome. 😉



A sample of some of my favourite travel (and food!) photos in medium resolution. Most of these were taken with a Canon Digital Rebel.

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Can’t see the photos? View the collection on Google: bit.ly/SkrlHX


TourAbsurd IG


The travel blog was, originally, a symptom of a the larger problem of wanting to take pictures of EVERYTHING. That has subsided, to a degree – fewer pics of my lunch and beverages – but seeing pretty or funny things still makes my trigger finger twitchy.

See more Instagram photos @TourAbsurd.

Sometimes API authorisations get broken, so I’m borrowing code from Flickr as backup. It’s Flash, the heavens know why, so your browser might block it.


Gobi the Terrier IG


I was rescued by a little terrier mix named Gobi. He’s an adorable handful. So lovely and quiet at home (unless there is a fly buzzing around – then it’s game on!), and such a little barker outside. He loves nothing more than to chase tennis balls and roll in the grass. He is, as they say, a dote. ♥

See more Instagram photos @GobiTerrier.

Remember, kids: #adoptdontshop! Adopting animals saves lives. And if you can’t commit to a lifelong relationship with a critter, there are thousands of rescue organisations looking for people to foster animals. Fostering means more animals can be pulled from pounds for adoption. Do it! You’ll thank me later. 🙂