Your source for All Things Katrina!

By “All Things Katrina” I mean Katrina Stovold (that’s me!). I set this domain up many years ago as a place to house info about me and to archive some of my undergraduate work. The Internet was a wild, untamed place back then, and so was my code.

I loved my propeller beanie logo! And my quirky graphic design! And how the letters all fit together! Yet for many years, the site sat still and idle.

Serengeti Selfie

A couple of years ago, due to some technical difficulties with a registrar, and despite my best efforts, the domain expired. It was quickly snapped up by an evil domain broker who, for some really odd reason, thought it was worth $900. (Ha, I say! HA!) I had lost my beloved website name. 🙁

So I did what any reasonable person would do: I waited. And two years later, the thieves realised the joke was on them and failed to re-register it. I got it back and hugged it like a lost kitten, returned home! YAY! (You can see the classic version of KatWorkz here.​)

Rather than let KatWorkz languish in decaying splendor, I decided to update it and make an aggregation website. Content from and links to many of my other online endeavours will display here. It will be GLORIOUS! Maybe not Klingon battle death glorious, but glorious all the same.